Indian Paintbrush


This product is a canvas gallery wrapped print on 1.5′ stretcher bars.  Item comes ready to hang and does not require a frame.  See our products page for more details.

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The Indian Paintbrush is one of the north west’s notable flowers.  Often called “Prairie Fire” these flowers are bright and brilliant against it’s environment.
That was my goal when I set out to paint this beauty.  I wanted a intriguing background hinting at that it takes place in the forest.  There is a lot of heavy dark elements that build the mood but allowed to really showcase this flower in its radiance.  This original was painted on ampersand with fine grade watercolors and is resin coated to really make the colors pop.

This plant got its name from a Native American legend. In the legend a young American Indian wanted to paint the sunset but became frustrated because he could not produce any colors that matched the beauty of a sunset. He asked the Great Spirit for help. The Great Spirit provided him with paintbrushes with the beautiful colors on them which he used to create his painting. When done the young Indian left his used paintbrushes scattered around the landscape. These paint brushes blossomed into plants and were thus named Indian Paintbrushes.

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Dimensions 12 × 12 × 2 in

Canvas Print, Watercolor Paper Print, Greeting Card


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