Ziolkowski Originalz Watercolor Paintings on Antler, Horn, Bone, and Saw.

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All works are original watercolor paintings on all-natural surfaces. None of the artwork is a hydro dipped or a vinyl sticker.
All originals are finish coated with a heavy clear coat that is water-resistant and results in a wet look. This coat magnifies the color of the watercolor paintings and reflective properties of the pigment resulting in a rich and vibrant painting.

In the past 8 years, I have developed my watercolor paintings to surfaces like saw blades, bone, wood and antler. For example, elk and moose shed. There is nothing quite like painting on an organic canvas. It offers a challenge, unlike 2-dimensional work where I have to allow the paint to do its work on such an unforgiving surface. There is also the obstacle of trying to illustrate a story in just a sliver of allowable space to do so. The results are profound though! I often incorporate pigment that has reflective and pearlescent properties. The landscape vibrates under light at all times of the day. Edges pop and highlights sing with my understanding of how to weave my chosen medium. Each antler painting is so unique and no two will ever be alike. They are original non-printable and are very special as they are real antler and I am a real living artist. I hope you enjoy these relics as they offer my interpretation of life through a keyhole of light held by nature’s creation.
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Have a question? email me at zedzart@gmail.com
To order up a custom painted elk antler visit Custom Painted Elk Horns.

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